DEMU-51 System

Powerful system  based on DEMU-51 - Real Time In Circuit Emulator - and includes intuitive debugger software ICE - dedicated to the 8051 microcontroller deriviatives

Devices supplied as standard with DEMU-51 System (Click for more info)

System conection:

  1. Target board
  2. TP - Target Probe
  3. Microcontroller
  4. Cable TP - DEMU-51
  5. Emulator DEMU-51

Items supplied as standard:


DEMU-51 Real Time In Circut Emulator

TP-C31-DIL40 - Target Probe


DEMU-51 Starter Kit

Kable for connection DEMU-51 and TP Target Probe

RS232 Cable or RS232/USB Adapter

Power Supply



DEMU-51 System   IDE for MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

DEMU-51 System - More Info

DEMU-51 System is dedicated to beginners as well as to advanced users of deraviatives of the 8051 family microcontrollers.

Beginner buying DEMU-51 System will easy and qickly learn how 8051 microcontroller works.  DEMU-51 Sarter Kit supplied as standard helps the beginner to understand how to programm and debug microcontroller in real electronic enviroment.

Advanced user buying DEMU-51 System has opportiunity to improve knowlage about 8051 family and start to project very advanced applications.

DEMU-51 System items supplied as standard i everything you need to start your adventure with 8051 microcontroller - exept a computer.

It takes only few minutes to connect DEMU-51 System and connect it to the computer. The  system is ready to use after instaling the included software on the computer.

DEMU-51 System requires the computer with MS Windows 2000 or later.

Target Probes - Info

Data Sheet

DEMU-51 System

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